The Emilio project team consists of partners from various industries, research and end-user organizations from countries across Europe.

INRCA will be responsible for project management, co-creation and test of the solution in Italy; Ethics and test protocol definition; Data analysis and management; Administrative issues.

Italian National Institute of Health and Science on Ageing (INRCA) | End-user | Italy

Role of Solving Team is mainly foreseen in technological guidance, expertise on virtual assistance solutions, integration between backend and frontend applications.

Solving Team Srl (ST) | Business | Italy

The aim is to provide a reusable architecture to support fast moving digital transformation processes to support patients with new digital products based on sensor technologies (medical sensors, IoT, AI).

ICT Factory GmbH (ICTF)| Business | Switzerland

ES will coordinate the business modelling and dissemination activities, take care of the project website and participate in the development and testing of usability aspects. Furthermore, ES will participate to the user interfaces of the front-end application and services.

Erdmann Solutions (ES) | Business | Switzerland

Magicview will the take care in collaboration with the other technical partners of the development of the virtual concierge dashboard and of the development and integration of services based on home automation and sensing devices.

Magicview (MW) | Business | Belgium Flanders

Expertise fields relevant to the project are human-machine interfacing and business development. EPoint will contribute to co-design of services and interface and end user involvement activities.

ePoint (EP) | Business | Belgium Flanders

Vulpia will give access to relevant end users and conduct the field trial.

Vulpia (VUL) | End User | Belgium Flanders

ISS contributes in social isolation theories and models, user involvement, virtual concierge service concepts and design definition, verification and validation according to Systems Engineering (SE) methodology and procedures.

Institute of Space Science, INFLPR Subsidiary (ISS)| Research | România

UNITBV aims to bring its scientific expertise in novel research activities implementing Artificial Intelligence. Besides the technical involvement, the co-design and co-creation of end-user services in Romania and dissemination, UNITBV will lead WP4 „User’s services”.

Institute of Space Science, INFLPR Subsidiary | Research | România

Funding agencies

Funding agencies

The Emilio project is co-financed under the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme of the European Commission ( and the National Funding Agencies of Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland.